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Projects, Seminars and Workshops 2014

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Saturday 5 April, 2014

Dixson Room, 1st floor,
Mitchell Library, Macquarie Street, Sydney

Registration 9.45 am
Seminar commences 10 am
and concludes 1 pm

COST:  $45 includes morning tea
$35 for Oral History NSW Members

Bookings essential

Note that no refunds are available for cancellation of less than seven days' notice.  90% refund if more than seven days' notice.

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Enquiries to: 8094.1239

ORAL HISTORY NSW in collaboration with the

      STATE LIBRARY OF NSW  invites you to

Hear your community's voice:

creating an oral history project

Listen to oral historians describe how they have created community oral history projects covering a local area, recreational fishing, a workplace and more.

An open discussion will further illuminate how to plan and run projects, shape a collection, organise interviews,train volunteer interviewers and make interview information available.

Talking Fish: Oral histories of fishing on the Murray Darling River System,
State Library of NSW 2010-2011    Image credit: Carol Hannon

Pauline Curby co-ordinated an oral history project for Ryde City Council, during the 1900s. She will explain the background to this project, how it was organised, the training of volunteers and reflect on how such a project might be organised today.  Pauline has worked as a freelance professional historian since the early 1990s and has undertaken consultancies in oral history, environmental history and heritage, as well as writing a number of commissioned histories. Her publication Randwick won the NSW Premier’s Award (Regional and Community History), 2010. Pauline Curby is the recipient of the NSW History Fellowship, 2011 and is a member of the Professional Historians Association NSW. 

Jesse Stein will talk about how she got started with the NSW Government Printing Office oral history project: what she learned in the shaky early days, the unexpected consequences of `snowball sampling'. It became easier over time as she gained the employees confidence and learned trade jargon. Jesse specialises in the relationship between technology, labour, and design. She is in the final stages of a PhD at UTS, which used oral history in a study of the NSW Government Printing Office, with an emphasis on technological change, gender, and working life. In 2009 she graduated with a MA in design history from the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 2005 was awarded the University Medal for Art Theory at UNSW. Jesse teaches design history and visual communication at UTS, and has written for numerous publications, including the Oral History Association of Australia Journal, Design & Culture, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Art & Australia.

Jodi Frawley interviewed fishers, indigenous communities, tourists and landholders, about their relationship with the Murray Darling Basin, their experiences of the river and its fish, and changes they have seen over the years. She will discuss the logistics and satisfactions of working on this environmental project, Talking Fish, in rural Australia.  Jodi is an environmental historian whose interests include cultural landscapes, the aesthetics of rural towns, and the Sydney Botanic Gardens. She is currently a DECRA fellow at the Institute of Future Environments, Queensland University of Technology. Her current project 'Shoal Waters: estuary histories, local knowledge and sustainable fishing in Eastern Australia', traces the popular culture of fishing, fishing communities and conservation science in estuary worlds from the nineteenth century to the present.

Panel Co-ordinator Virginia Macleod has worked as a professional historian for nearly 20 years. Recently she has undertaken several commissioned oral history thematic projects, including two with a focus on migrant communities. 

 Oral History NSW program archives

Sat 23rd February, 2013      Workshop on Oral History Theory and Practice
Capturing Memories: Oral History in the Digital Age, conducted in collaboration with the Royal Australian Historical Society. Led by Trish Levido, Carol McKirdy and Andrew Host

Sat 23rd March, 2013     Seminar : Forgotten and Former Child Migrants Oral History Project conducted in collaboration with the State Library of NSW. A wide-ranging discussion on one of the most complex national oral history projects conducedt in the past decade. Presenters: Dr. Joanna Sassoon, Dr. Joanna Penglase, Jannine Baker, Roslyn Burge, Virginia Macleod, and Frances Rush

Sat 13th April, 2013        Shoalhaven Regional Workshop -Capturing Memories - a workshop introducing oral history theory and practice with Presenters :Francis Good, Trish Levido and Dianne Taylor

Three Grants of $400 each for Members using oral history in their academic studies and who are making presentations at the Oral History Association National Conference 2013 - Congratulations to Fiona Firth, Jesse Stein, and Ben Morris.  Highly Commended Margaret Carmody.

Sat. 29th June, 2013   Masterclass - Who Listens to Oral Histories?  Lead by Professor Paula Hamilton, Creative Practices Group, University of Technology, Sydney; Co-director, Australian Centre for Public History

Sat. 3rd & 4th Aug. 2013  Oral History Experience Weekend - Orange and Central West NSW - Capturing Memories - Oral History in the digital age -practical workshop introducing Oral History theory and practice with Trish Levido and Tips on planning a local community Oral History project with Sandra Blamey.

Sat 12 Oct 2013 - Workshop introducing Oral History Theory and Practice
Capturing Memories - Oral History in the Digital Age conducted in collaboration with the Royal Australian Historical Society. Led by Frank Heimans, with Carol McKirdy and Andrew Host.

Sat 16 Nov. 2013- Oral History Perspectives on Medical History -an interactive panel discussion chaired by Assoc. Professor Louella McCarthy. Panel members :  Roslyn Burge, Frances Rush, Dr. Vanessa Witton and Dr. Madonna Grehan.  Presented by Oral History Assoc. of NSW and State Library NSW.

Sat 22 February 2014  Workshop introducing Oral History Theory and Practice
Capturing Memories - Oral History in the Digital Age conducted in collaboration with the Royal Australian Historical Society.  Presenters Francis Good, Andrew Host and Sandra Blamey.